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Master Formula For a Better World

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This was shared in today's emails: "Repair the World!"  by President Peter Salovey to the Yale College Class of 2015 


ABC4All TALK completed just before the above was received:



a One Page Business Plan (OPBP) with Introduction and Background Bringing Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) wherever it is needed the most and followed by for anyone alive who is receptive...

by A Better Community For All (ABC4All), Burton Danet, Ph.D., Founder


INTRODUCTION: Vision, Mission, Mantra, Purpose, Caring, Sharing

ABC4All Global Vision:

To share with all countries a true restoration of a QUIET HOPE for PEACE and HARMONY in the world.

ABC4All Mission:

"Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet."™

with the long-term goal of creating the ABC4All Legacy wherein charitable contributions will be MATCHED/DOUBLED into Perpetuity.

Achieving this mission justifies the ABC4All Mantras:


ABC4All: Achieve More. Spend Less.™

ABC4All Cares. ABC4All Shares. YOU Decide!™



Path2RELIEF | A New WWW! Well Water4World by ABC4All Mentor Dr. Wilfried Fink (Germany)!

When Dr. Wilfried Fink created this outstanding video presentation, "A New WWW: Well Water for the World! " he could not have known that just 1 year later, the ability to bring potable water to anyone in the world in need would be possible. As we prepare for the "Viral Loop of the Century," it indeed, is not only possible but is a reality being implemented globally by ABC4All. You can learn more at the websites, SAVING LIVES and DOUBLED DONATIONS FOREVER

Creating Model Formulae For A Better World

What is being created is the Global Family of Receptive People Working Towards A Better Community for All establishing Global Common Sense as we pave the "Golden Road to Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)" and as we create the "Viral Loop of the Century" in cooperation with ABC4All Partners including the Jazz For Peace Foundation !

Book: 100% proceeds support GHR: "Poised for Global Relief: You Can Cooperate and MAXIMIZE Giving"



Portal4Relief, WorldSolutions™, GlobiVersity™, eCommerce, Travel Division, Child Division, Youngsters' Revolution, Adult Divisioln, Senior Division, Sports Division, World Wide Network, Global Mentoring TEAM Project, FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief,, ABC4All Legacy Edutainment Productiions – Local Entertainment with a Global Twist! , Video PREVIEW via ABC4All WorldTV



I. A Main Focus: Better Water, Better World

II. The Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC) Humanitarian Global Efforts bring Global Common Sense (GCS) to the world as the entity to create the Teams of TEAMS to implement ABC4All WorldSolutions™ http://abc4all.net/worldsolutions.htm

III. Advanced technologies and products

IV. Achieving Health Heights Workshops sharing advanced technologies that "Improve Health Maintenance (IHM)" via a new paradigm for Health http://abc4all.net/8petals.htm

V. Advanced Sustainable Construction Methods including Dome Homes: http://onedomeatatime.org

VI. Advanced Sustainable Agriculture: Mittleider Method via Food For Everyone http://foodforeveryone.org Growing superior crops in any soil in the world including deserts with 50% less water utilizing hydroponics, aquaponics, vertical farms and other advanced technologies.

VII. Sustainable communities

VIII. ABC4All Edutainment: Studies that enchant, entertain, heal and educate™ including ABC4All Partner Jazz For Peace Foundation http://www.jazzforpeace.org/grant

IX. Create the Robert Chew ABC4All Millennium Endowment Fund (MEF) used to match/double charitable contributions into perpetuity: http://abc4all.net/mef.htm

X. ABC4All International Monetary System (IMS) as the global financial institution that will endow each and every nonprofit/NGO co-venturing with ABC4All

XI. ABC4All World Airways (AWA): The Airline of ABC4All Mentors

XII. ABC4All WorldWide Network (AWWN): Driven by 49 satellites reaching all cell phones and Internet connections: http://awwn.abc4all.net

XIII. ABC4All Rejuvenation Hotel of the Future: http://abc4all.net/abc4allrh.htm



The Dream has been realized: The vision/mission/mantra of ABC4All are ready to be implemented: http://abc4all.net/abc4alldr.htm

Better Water for 257 territories, colonies and countries is a MUST AS A FIRST STEP if those 2+ billion suffering the most from consuming POLLUTED water. This is the CRY OF THE WORLD that Ben Mackenzie sang about in the original song created for ABC4All, "Lend a Hand."

Let us proceed. So many in the world "...await A Better Community For All."

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